Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Montecucco, Napa Valley and Lake Seneca - Wine Country

Poggio Anima "Belial", Montecucco

Tuscany is covered in vines and you will find dozens of DOC wine regions, but for me, the rarest and one of the newer sources of great Tuscan wine is Montecucco. Just northeast of Grosseto, directly south of Siena and most importantly right up against the vineyards of Montalcino, this is where you'll find very sturdy, deeply flavored sangiovese wines that are WAY under the radar. I recommend looking for Poggio Anima "Belial" to experience for yourself just how full flavored Tuscan sangiovese can get. 
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Having spent so much time in Napa Valley
Seqouia Grove Chardonnay, Napa Valley
back in the late 1980's, witnessing the birth of what would become "Classic Napa Chardonnay", I periodically have flashbacks
. And it was just that kind of jolt when I tasted the current release of Sequoia Grove's Chardonnay - I was transported back to the days when chardonnay was richly textured with silky layers of buttercream, vanilla and a sweet, sweet purity. Well, if your feeling a bit nostalgic,  I would recommend seeking out this Chardonnay - and pair it up with several of the biggest richest flavored crabcakes you can find.
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Standing Stone Dry Vidal
From way out in left field, and a complete shocker for me was this New York State wine produced on the eastern banks of Lake Seneca. Vidal is a hybrid grape variety planted mostly because it tolerates very cold climates and can produce exquisite ice wines. But it can also be fermented dry...and this is one of the most extraordinary bottlings I've tasted. The Standing Stone Vineyard Dry Vidal has a lushness, an incredible rich array of pear-like fruit flavors and a balancing tangy acidity that will make you swear you've been treated to an Alsace Grand Cru Pinot Gris.
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  1. Where, praytell, did you find all of these? I haven't been able to find the Poggio Anima wine after a cursory search.