Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Break a leg!

Normally a good luck wish, this phrase has taken on a new meaning for me lately. Sadly and more accurately, tragically, I fractured both my Tibia and Fibula in a fall on a golf course in May. Three long months have passed and I am just now able to get back to enjoying a glass of wine and contributing to this blog.

The painkillers served their purpose, but the price of their use meant not being able to enjoy wine with my meals. Once the pain became discomfort I was able to "Say No to Drugs" and pour something fun and friendly into my wine glass. My choice was made easy one afternoon when my eye caught sight of a stack of one of my favorite Gascogne whites: Domaine de Cassagnoles. 

This wonderfully refreshing white was the perfect antidote to several heat waves that New England was suffering through this summer. While the "Phridge Photo" to the left shows just one bottle, I recommend having at least one other bottle just behind it.

If you search for this wine you will see two labels: the normal bottling and their Reserve. For close to five years these wines were a regular feature at my store, Caruso Wine & Spirits in San Francisco. While I do enjoy the Reserve bottling, a wine created entirely from Gros Monseng grapes, I drank the less expensive and more casually styled normal bottling more often, a classic blend of Ugni Blanc and Colombard grapes. These varieties of grape may not seem familiar to you but their flavors are. The subtle, delicate herbaceous aromas and flavors will make you think of a  light bodied, citrusy sauvignon blanc.

The bottles I found came with a convenient Stelvin Closure, those new screw caps, making it easy to just re-seal it and put it back in the fridge and enjoy it over several days. Look for it to sell for under $10.

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